Project Description

Women in Jamestown and Early Virginia

The special exhibition is a special yearlong exhibition and includes a gallery of approximately 5,000 square feet and illustrates the important roles of women of the three cultures at Jamestown; the Powhatan, English and Africans.

The exhibit ties the history of these women to relevant contemporary issues of today and is driven by fascinating personal stories of women in early Jamestown that were little-known before this special exhibition. Priceless artifacts from all around the country and world are on display to assist in the telling of these stories.

The scope of work included demolition of existing finishes and wall assemblies. Framing approximately 400  linear feet of radius walls for the special exhibition layout. All of the radius walls received fire rated plywood  and drywall with a level 5 finish. In order to preserve the artifacts to be displayed, a micro-climate system was installed with approximately 250 linear feet of new copper pipe, supporting numerous new artifact display cases. The electrical scope included installing new track lighting, upgrading the existing electrical panel and rough-in new power to provide the lighting to all new artifact display cases. To maintain the existing design of the Jamestown Settlement, new fire rated custom wood doors were installed along with new custom, stained wood trim and wainscoting at the new entry into the exhibit to match the existing finishes. The new exhibit was then painted on all walls, as well as the exposed roof deck, joists and overhead piping.

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museum exhibit by GC commercial
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